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Parma Ham Japan GI protection

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Parma Ham is the first foreign product that had achieved the geographical indication (GI) protection in Japan. At the moment Italian cured ham product Prosciutto di Parma is the only no Japanese product with this protection, first in EU.
This achievement is very important for the legal safeguard of Parma Ham in Japanese market.

The Parma Ham label will include the GI logos an additional guarantee for quality and origin of the product that will help the Japanese customers to identify Parma Ham and pay attention to Italian sounding products.

Our Company is certified to export in Japan
, we know that Japanese customer trust in quality and GI it’s a great result that confirm the distinctiveness of PDO Parma Ham abroad the Italian border.
Our most appreciated export product in Japan is Gran Riserva Casa Graziano . If you desire discover more details about our craftsmanship production you will find more information here: Craftsmanship Parma Ham .

Japanese market is a relevant export market for Parma Ham, this new protection is an opportunity and should help a new increase.
For further information about Japan GI  Parma Ham Consortium press release .

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