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Parma Ham Japan GI protection

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Parma Ham is the first foreign product that had achieved the geographical indication (GI) protection in Japan. At the moment Italian cured ham product Prosciutto di Parma is the only no Japanese product with this protection, first in EU.
This achievement is very important for the legal safeguard of Parma Ham in Japanese market.

The Parma Ham label will include the GI logos an additional guarantee for quality and origin of the product that will help the Japanese customers to identify Parma Ham and pay attention to Italian sounding products.

Our Company is certified to export in Japan
, we know that Japanese customer trust in quality and GI it’s a great result that confirm the distinctiveness of PDO Parma Ham abroad the Italian border.
Our most appreciated export product in Japan is Gran Riserva Casa Graziano . If you desire discover more details about our craftsmanship production you will find more information here: Craftsmanship Parma Ham .

Japanese market is a relevant export market for Parma Ham, this new protection is an opportunity and should help a new increase.
For further information about Japan GI  Parma Ham Consortium press release .

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The EU’s rural development policy is funded through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Type of Operation:

Technological innovation of production process for the improvement and global performance of the company Casa Graziano Sas & C., concerning the production of Parma Ham PDO.

4.2.01 Investments directed at agro-industrial enterprises in an individual and system approach

€ 429.350,03

More information about European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) here or on European Commission web site

Gourmandia 2017 | 13-15 May

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Here we are ready for our debut like expositors at Gourmandia with our artisanal Parma ham.
Are you always looking for the best products, the food specialties that Italy hides?
Are you passionate about street food and always ready to find new combinations proposed by the best chefs?
Are you lovers of artisan beers and special cocktails?
Gourmandia is the gastro-food event perfect for you.
More than 200 expositors, artisans with a big passion for their job, waiting for you in the market arena. In the evening Gourmandia double with Gourmandia Fest a tasty happy hour for a perfect evening.

If you are taste lovers and looking for the true sweetness Parma ham, soft and fragrant slices that delight the palate creating dependence, we’ll wait for you with our sweetest parma ham in the beautiful location of the ex-filanda of Santa Lucia di Piave, we’ll tell you our story and our craftsmanship tradition, we’ll make you fall in love with our products and our territory by tasting two slices of our sweetest kiss.

We are going to propose to you:

  • Parma Ham “Casa Graziano 30 e lode”;
  • Parma Ham“Casa Graziano Gran Riserva”;
  • “Gran Culatta di Montagna Casa Graziano”.

Not only Parma ham, but many other products to be discovered, tasted, and talked about in your turn for a never ending storytelling. Because word of mouth is the true guarantee of quality.

We are waiting for you at stand n. 51.
See you soon.
Casa Graziano Family

When: from 13th to 15th may 2017
Entry hours Gourmandia:
Saturday 13 may: 13.00-20.00
Sunday 14 May: 10.00-20.00
Monday 15 May: 10.00-18.00
Ticket entrance:
€ 10 for the public – daily ticket
€ 5 for children (6-12 years old)
Friday 18.00-23.00;
Saturday 20.00-24.00;
Sunday 20.00-23.00
Ticket entrance: free

For more information visit the official site .

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Imeat Fair Modena 2017 | 26 -27 March

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Butchers Imeat is the fair dedicated to you! high quality expositors and courses based on innovation and last trend in butcher sector are waiting for you. You will find us at stand F/12 where you could discover our artisanal parma ham and other specialties made by us with care.
You will find:
Casa Graziano Parma Ham “30 e Lode” our limited edition product more info
Casa Graziano Parma Ham “Gran Riserva” our flagship product, 18-20-24 months of seasoning. more info
Casa Graziano “Gran Culatta from de Mountain”. leggi

Modena Fiere Viale Virgilio, 58, 41123 Modena MO
Entry hours:
Sunday 26 and Monday 27 March
from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (Sunday)
from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday)
Ticket entrance:
free under registration
Download coupon for registration (PDF)

For more information visit the official site .
You could also follow us on our facebook page CasaGrazianoProsciutto or Twitter account @casagrazianoham or Instagram CasaGrazianoProsciutto .

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Taste expositor 2017 | 11-13 March

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Are you ready for the most exciting food and wine event of the season? Spring is almost upon us and the best way is to wait for her leaving tease by the wonderful flavors that can be found at Taste: The Fair for all foodies.
Are you always looking for flavors, fragrances and new ideas to amaze your palate? A ride at Taste in Leopolda Station is your new mission. You will be surrounded by a charming and warm atmosphere, catapulted into a unique experience to live with all your five senses the beautiful city of Florence.
Are you looking for the sweetest taste? Come and taste our prosciutto di Parma, you will find us as exhibitor at booth B / 66. We are waiting for you to taste our most loved products:
Casa Graziano Parma Ham “30 e Lode” a long seasoning (more than 24 months) in an ancient basement among old wodden scalere and wall stone. A limited production to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes that are looking for a particular taste not easy to find every day. more info
Casa Graziano Parma Ham “Gran Riserva” our flagship product, a guarantee for those who desire a sweetest, soft and fragrant ham that slice after slice never tires. Available in different seasoning, 18-20-24 months, to meet different consumption needs with the highest quality assurance. more info
Casa Graziano “Gran Culatta di Montagna” the tasty solution for those that are seeking a new combination of tastes to accompany our ham. more info

Casa Graziano The sweetest taste.

Florence Stazione Leopolda, via Fratelli Rossetti 5
Entry hours:
Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 March
from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm only for professionals
from 2.30 am to 7.30 pm for also fo public
Monday 13 March
9.30 am – 4.30 pm also for public
Ticket entrance:
€ 20 for the public – daily ticket
€ 15 for professionals – the entrance card is valid for all the three days of the event.
For more information visit the official site .
You could also follow us on our facebook page CasaGrazianoProsciutto or Twitter account @casagrazianoham or Instagram CasaGrazianoProsciutto .

The sweetest kiss

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No idea for Valentine Day?
You are not in mood for crowded restaurant but you are not even a Master Chef?
To amaze you soul mate and spend a pleasant evening together is enough a touch of sweetness: soft and tasty slices of Casa Graziano Parma Ham the perfect match for the sweetest kiss.

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Always better not only at Christmas

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Here we are, Christmas is coming and the most intense period of the year too.

Overcoming Christmas is never easy, many things to do, christmas meeting, dinner and lunch. An endless list of things to do and the trouble about holiday menu with the big question: what everyone like?

If you are looking for answer, if you need certainties, if you are looking for something that can satisfy the most demanding palates, if you would like to draw a smile to even the most surly friends we have some advice for you: let yourselves be captivated by the sweetness of Casa Graziano’s Parma Ham, always better not just at Christmas.
While you’ll be sitting around a table with your loved ones, will be a pleasure for us to delight yourself through soft and tasty slices of parma ham, the ideal solution to forget the stress and fully appreciate the beauty of being with family.

We would like to say thanks to all of you who support us by choosing our parma ham, it is also thanks to your support that we carry out our work with pride and dedication every day.
A new year is coming, we are sure that, thanks to your support, new satisfactions will come, from our part we’ll do our best to search for the best quality in order to offer to you a top quality product made with great care and passion.

To all of you our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Casa Family – Graziano, Luisa, Simone e Andrea.

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Simposio Roma 2016 | November 12-13

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We are going to be exhibitors to Simposio the Triumph of Taste in Rome inside the modern and elegant location of “Salone delle Fontane”.
Simposio is an event dedicated to food and wine italian excellences and with pleasure we get in touch with the city through this event hoping to met demanding people in food sector and foodies.
We are waiting for you to discover our high quality Parma Ham realized according to artisanal tradition and know our family, the Casa Family.

Saturday November 12th 2016 from 10.30 a.m to 20.00 pm
Sunday November 13th 2016 from 10.30 a.m to 19.00 pm

”Salone delle Fontane”
Via Ciro il Grande 10/12, 00144 Roma

For further information

You could also follow us on our facebook page CasaGrazianoProsciutto
Twitter account @casagrazianoham
Instagram CasaGrazianoProsciutto .

Milano Golosa 2016

MILANO GOLOSA 2016 | October 15-16-17

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Milano Golosa turns five a growth always more connected with the importance of quality starting with the choice of raw materials. This edition’s topic is “The origin of food”.
As Parma Ham producer we look for the best raw materials available on the market each day because thanks to raw material’s quality you lay the foundations for a superior quality Parma Ham.

Always we say that the best way to appreciate a good Parma Ham is to accompany him with a piece of bread just us good: two simple things that together express the best of theirs characteristics. A way to enjoy the food in a genuine and healthy mood without alterations: “an idea of purity to preserve” Davide Paolini alias “Il Gastronauta” (promoter of Milano Golosa) says.

For everyone that would like to visit Milano Golosa the meeting is at our booth where we’ll bring you among a tasting of our Parma Ham seasoned inside Man and Biosfere Reserve Unesco of Tosco-Emilano Apennine:
Parma Ham “Casa Graziano 30 e lode” with a long seasoning inside our ancient basement;
Parma Ham “Casa Graziano Gran Riserva”;
“Grand Culatta”.

Saturday October 15th 2016 from 13.00 a.m to 21.00 pm;
Sunday October 16th 2016 from 10.00 a.m to 20.00 pm;
Monday October 17th 2016 from 10.00 a.m to 17.30 pm.

Ticket cost: 10 euro adult, 5 euro childrens 6-12 years

”Palazzo del Ghiaccio”
Via G. B. Piranesi 14 – 20137 Milano

You will find us at stand N. 152

For further information ””

You could also follow us on:
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Instagram CasaGrazianoProsciutto .

The discovery of Italian Taste

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“Alla scoperta del Gusto Italiano” that you could translate as “The discovery of Italian Taste” is the new book by Davide Paolini alias il “Gastronauta” published by “il Sole 24 ore”: a precious guide for those who are looking for authentic products and taste, a storytelling through food and wine riches of Italy.

The book is a collection of 50 artisan’s stories, craftsmen that work with passion, handing down from father to son the art of doing things in the good way, preserving the values of handicraft guarantee of a unique taste and high quality product.

We are pleased to have been selected to be part of this publication and we would like share with you this news.

Together with other 50 artisans of taste we’ll be co-protagonists and ambassadors of italian product, proud artisans that bring forward food and wine tradition of their land, a cultural heritage with big value or as Davide Paolini says: the gastronomical deposits of our country.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you at the book presentation that is going to be held in Milan at Teatro Smeraldo (Eataly Milano) Place XXV Aprile, 10 the13th of June at 7 p.m. where the author Davide Paolini and Oscar Farinetti will discuss it together.
Stories of ham, cured meat, cheese, pasta related by two special speakers.

Other occasion to speak about this collection is planned in the course of Milano Golosa event from 15th to 17 th of october, Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Milan.

And now: enjoy the reading better if together with the sweet company of two slices of our Parma ham!

Casa Graziano Family

More information .