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Casa Graziano

Craftsmen of Taste since 1976

Brought up like children

We bring them up as if they were our childrenbaby because quality is One of the family at Casa Graziano.

Since 1976 the founder’s experience, the sons’ technology.

We take care of our Parma Hams as if they were our own children. We love the pleasure that only “good things” can give us. Good things were born from the simple gestures of an artisanal tradition but still keep an eye on the future.



Only marine salt and Simone’s wise and ancient gestures.



Luisa’s attention, a dedicated care.



Graziano’s experience, a 360 degree-warranty.



Andrea’s innovation, because only the best dry cured-ham deserve our signature.

In a modern Company basements are kept the “good things” which are memory and culture of our best tradition. Ours “good things” grow up in a natural environment where the air is thin and light, the green is fresh and bright, the water is pure and cristallyne. Our “good things” come from a place where people are as nice as the hills surrounding you, where the taste comes from an ancient and wise tradition and where you would like to see your children growing up.