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Casa Graziano

Craftsmen of Taste since 1976

Craftsmanship Production


Raw Material Selection

Only the thighs matching with our strict evaluation standards are selected. This grants, together with long and slow seasoning, a perfumed and sweet final product. The selected raw material is divided into different classes by weight in order to permit a tailor-made manufactoring and seasoning. Each thigh has its own bar code that allows to know its whole manufactoring history, in every moment of the production process: temperature, humidity, ventilation, days of seasoning. Only a few Companies of the Consortium of Parma Ham have this modern type of traceability technology.



Carefully hand-made process realized with marine salt only. At the end of this phase, the ham is kept into a refrigerating room for 20 days. The Parma Ham typical sweetness is acquired during this very important moment.




Hams begin to dry in a natural way thanks to the “marino” sea breeze, a wind coming from the Tyrrhenian sea that brushes our valley giving a unique tast to our ham.



Hams are moved to the basement where the exposed muscled part are hand-made covered by suet, a paste of minced lard and salt in order to prevent the external layers from drying too fast.




The end of the seasoning process is done at the 18th month. In this phase hams weep slowly and obtain their perfect taste and perfume. The seasoning duration depends on the single thigh features.


Quality Control

Thanks to a horse bone (named “goccia”) hams are controlled in a specific area in order to Keep checking their taste. Only the thighs which have acquired the right perfume pass over this phase and go on to the fire branding phase.



Fire Branding

The fire sign with the Ducal Crown ,the Parma Ham Consortium Brand, together with the producer identification number (T49 for Casa Graziano) guarantee the quality. This process is made by the supervisors of the authorized control entity (Istituto Parma Qualità).



At the end of the process hams are packed for selling them, depending on our customers’ needs.