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Casa Graziano

Craftsmen of Taste since 1976

Craftsmanship Parma Ham

Our PDO Parma Ham

30 e Lode

30 e LODE

We’ve Gone Further, to give you The Best.

Gran Riserva


Respecting time, the secret of a great taste.

Gold Selection


A classic ham for a unique flavour.

PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Parma Ham is a typical product of Parma hills area, protected and controlled by the Consortium of Parma Ham; “Casa Graziano” is a producer associated to the Consortium since 1976.
Parma Ham is a 100% Italian, genuine and natural product without gluten, lactose and allergens. The ingredients list is very short: only thighs of pig (born, bred and slaughtered in Italy) and salt. Last but not least: “time” and “Marino sea breeze” arriving in our valleys directly from Tyrrhenian Sea are Parma Ham ‘s seasoning essential ingredients that contribute to its typical aroma and taste.
Casa Graziano’s Parma Ham is an artisanal ham produced according to craftsmanship tradition, through:

  • a strictly selection of raw material: quality, weight and shape suitable to our production;
  • handmade salting, done directly from the member of the Casa Family, because “salting is an art passed on through hands and eyes”;
  • handmade squeezing out of the central vein;
  • careful greasing;
  • windows opening in the seasoning plant in the right time and days depending on temperature and humidity, in order to give the hams their typical fragrance and taste.

Gluten Free badge

Small and great care of Casa Family towards hams “brought up like children”: we pursue the street of quality and “good things” since the beginning, with the aim of obtaining a high quality Parma Ham and be able to say that “quality is part of the Family

Casa Graziano’s plant is located at the gate of the Natural Park of “100 lakes” today under the brand of Parchi del Ducato.

For us, working inside a Natural Park is a privilege: our raw material selection, our care in production and the attention in seasoning would lose an essential added value if not surrounded by this environmental context very suitable to open the windows of the caves where hams age, to obtain a better oxygenation and to create a peculiar micro clime that allows to slowly mature and acquire a unique, typical and traditional taste.

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