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Merry Christmas and Tasty New Year

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Time passes and often many people have negative thoughts related to this but to not loose the Christmas mood we would like to help you thinking about something that only thanks to time and patience grows up: have you already guess of what we are speaking about? Oh Yeah, of course, Parma Ham!

The Parma Ham, before arriving on your Christmas table more perfumed than ever, has started his craftsmanship production process two Christimas ago. While you were on the beach reading a book or taking a bath or while you were on the mountain taking a walk in the snow or skiing, It was there, in our seasoning basement waiting and waiting, taking at the right moment the “marino” brezee and standing under our strict eyes control but overall nose control.

If Christmas mood isn’t anyway in your soul and you feel like a solitary Grinch, we have a solution also for you: what better than two slices of wonderful Parma Ham to gentle your soul and your palate?

However time passes and sometimes we are a little sad about that but thanks to the time almost one thinks become special and we are proud producer of our Parma Ham: Brought up lik Children.

Thanks to all that during this year support, follow, incite us. Thanks to foodies, people that love cooking and love the pleasure of good things: you are our lymph.

We preparing ourselves to a new year full of new Expo(nential) challenges confident to have you again at our side to promote the values of family, tradition and quality.

We wish you a Merry Christimas and Tasty New Year!

The Casa Family | Graziano, Luisa, Simone and Andrea.