Export / Company

Export / Company

Are you a Company Owner or Manager and are you really looking for high quality parma ham?

Take some time to better know us, we can be the result of your search!.
We are BRC and IFS certificated and authorized to export to the following third countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand, Australia and the United States.
Of course we could export EU and non-European countries that don't require specific authorizations,

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If you have a restaurant, deli shop, butcher's shop, or if you are a retailer, importer and you are looking for a special Italian product for your customers fill out the form below.
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    Artisanal Prosciutto

    Casa Graziano S.r.l.
    Strada Massese, 29
    Loc. Capoponte
    43028 Tizzano Val Parma (PR)
    P. IVA 02060490345