Craftsmen of Taste

Craftsmen of Taste

Discover the Casa Family

Discover our family and our tradition in this short storytelling

Our History

To use important words, we could start by saying that “a ham is made of the same matter that dreams are made of”, because the most important element behind the scenes is people.

So says Casa Graziano, surname and name of the founder.

People and their dreams, sometimes even their obsessions: those of craft skills handed down through the generations, the fatigue and patience of teaching, knowledge to be carried on and innovated, and the satisfaction of enjoying a fragrant, delicate dish that tells the story of your family and the products you have “reared like children”.

In the early 70s, Graziano began his dream: a small ham factory, just he and his young wife Luisa working hard to get things done.

The first step towards the future, when sons Simone and Andrea took over the management of the new factory, aiming to ensure that hallmark blend of tradition and innovation, taste, and food safety.

We carefully control every step of the process using the best technologies available, but we still believe in the value of men: the skilled hand guiding the knife, the careful eye of the master salter, noses turned up to sniff the right level of ageing, a cheek cooled by the breeze that tells us to go down to the cellar and open all the windows.

We look to the future, because there are still many challenges to be tackled, we bind our knowledge to the present and respect time, where the secret of all the best, sweet and fragrant well-seasoned Parma ham lies.
We are proud of our trade, and aware of the privilege of being able to fuel our aspirations by satisfying your senses.

This is why we have chosen to tell you the story of our people, to help you understand the world where Casa Graziano hams are made: genuine, at times imperfect, just as hand-crafted things can be, and all the more unique for it. Worked with care and patience, concentrating all our values in those slices. Can you smell the perfume?

The dream and the company, life and work: Casa Graziano, Craftsmen of Taste since 1976.

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