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Craftsmanship Production

Craftsmanship Production

The craftsmanship production of Parma Ham

Since 1976, Casa Graziano proposed a top-quality Parma Ham on the market thanks to a careful selection at several levels.

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Supplier and raw material delivery

The Company follows a supplier validation plan in order to select only breeding farms and slaughterhouses with the best standards of the Parma Ham supply chain in terms of genetic codes, farm swines and best management practice.

The craftsmanship production of Casa Graziano Parma Ham begins with the selection of the best raw material. Only the thighs matching with our strict evaluation standards are selected to become the best parma ham.

This grants, together with long and slow seasoning, a perfumed and sweet final product.

The selected raw material is divided into different classes by weight in order to permit a tailor-made manufactoring and seasoning.
Each thigh has its own bar code that allows to know its whole manufactoring history, in every moment of the production process.


Casa Graziano combines a high technology level with a careful handmade manufactoring of artisanal Parma Ham.

Each Prosciutto has its own bar code that allows to know its whole manufactoring history, in every moment of the production process: temperature, humidity, ventilation, days of seasoning.

This meticulous monitoring, which permits a permanent supplier control, is associated to an home made production of prosciutto:

hand-made cleaning of swine’s central vein and hand-made salting with evaluation of the specific features of every single ham.
The monitoring is associated also to an highly technological ventilation process respecting environmental parameters but the real secret for the best seasoning is the window opening.

This combination creates the suitable oxygenation and that particular microclimate that make our products perfectly seasoned and fragrant.

Selection of seasoned product

Each thigh is selected in terms of weight, seasoning level and taste in order to fulfill the specific needs of each client.

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